KiloDelta the quiet company behind.

KiloDelta is the legal Pty Ltd (ABN 64 009 002 797) company that owns and operates a number of other businesses and brands.

More importantly KiloDelta works with other companies to deliver products and services that they could not do on their own.

It is KiloDelta's goal to remain small and focused with tiny fixed costs and to work smarter rather than harder. We are actively look for opportunities to add value to others and to partner with others that can add value to what we are doing.

We are open to opportunities, possibility, adventure, to embracing risk for reward. Real reward, not simply profit. Rewards where we are learning, trying, doing the right things and inspiring others while also being inspired.

Tinkers Studio is our daily grind, where we Tinker with digital stuff to solve real world problems for clients, friends, partners and for ourselves.

We want to encourage others to become Digital Tinkers, to learn through doing & collaborating. To improve by engaging and working with others and by utilising the massive educational assets on the Internet.
+61 (08) 9467 2535.